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20th Anniversary

at Hokusho Univ. 2009

Japanese Forum for Winter Sport Science

established in 1989

by sport scientists and coaches.

Annual meeting participants share the newest scientific information in Japan and promote international friendship.

28th Japanese Forum for Winter Sports Science

Okurayama Ski Jumping Site

Sapporo, Japan

date: 28-29 October 2017

Program (PDF 5Mb) of the 28th Japanese Forun for Winter Sport Science ver.10.25e

Program Outline

  • 28 October (Sat)

  • Opening Address --- Prof. Uesugi
  • Special Lecture -----------Prof. Wataname
  • Symposium ----------3 symposists
  • Invited Lecture

  • "PyeongChan Olympic Winter Games"
    ---- Dr. Hyosung Lim (Korea National Sports University)
  • "Invitaion to APCOCS2018 at National Sports University in Seoul"
    ----Dr.Hyukki Chang (Seoul Women's University)
  • Welcome Party

  • 29 October (Sun)

  • presentation of the participants
  • Closing Ceremony

After the Forum with the invited guest