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20th Anniversary

at Hokusho Univ. 2009

Japanese Forum for Winter Sport Science

established in 1989

by sport scientists and coaches.

Annual meeting participants share the newest scientific information in Japan and promote international friendship.

The 29th Japanese Forum for Winter Sport Science at KNSU in Seoul

24-25 October 2018

Korea National Sports University in Seoul, Korea

The 29th forum will join the 2018 KNSU International Conference and Asia-Pacific Conference on Coaching Science as the Winter Sports Coaching Section.


Official Website

The organizing committee has prepared the time schedule of 6 oral presentation on winter sports coaching. No limit for the number of poster presentations. Please join the APCOCS18 at KNSU in Seoul.


2018/6/6 APCPCS2018 Chair Prof. Choi Kwan-Yong says;

Please encourage further participation. I think it takes a lot of participation to produce meaningful results.

2018/4/9 APCOCS18 Conference Manager Hyosung Lim says;

There are 18 poster presentation entry and 4 oral entry from Japan.

JFWS office

APCOCS18 organizing committee prepared for 6 oral presentation for our Japanese Forum for Winter Sport Science. Please be encouraged to register your oral presentation.

Invited guests of the 2017 JFWS are Dr.Hykki Chang and Dr. Hyosung Lim. They will be the managers of KNSU International Conference and APCOCS2018

After 2017 forum at Okurayama. Dr. Hyukki Chang(tall man) with the forum members.